Software Development

Improving customer facing tools and staff efficiency in the lighting industry


Software development

The lighting manufacturing industry is characterized by intricate product configurations, diverse customer demands, and a competitive market landscape.

We were approached by a lighting control company who was looking to maintain a competitive advantage by enhancing the customer experience through a new customer-facing tool, as well as bring their staff up to speed on the capabilities a tool like this could provide.


Develop a real-time estimating calculator application that provides costs and bill of materials that was easy-to-use and able to integrate with a complicated rules engine.


Green Leaf helped deliver a modern website, built using cutting-edge technologies​, and provided hands on coordination and leadership across the client’s team.


The client was able to successfully promote and increase market share of a new product line, and the staff was mentored and trained on this new application and how to leverage the technologies available to them.

The Challenge

Our client required a real-time estimating calculator that could swiftly provide accurate cost estimates and bill of materials, streamlining their quotation process and enhancing customer service.

Additionally, they sought a product that was simple and user-friendly, catering to customers who may be less familiar with their product line. The application also needed to integrate seamlessly with their intricate rules engine.


The Solution

We helped deliver a modern website built using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface for their customers. To ensure the project’s success, we provided hands-on coordination and leadership, orchestrating collaboration among multiple subject matter experts, the user experience team, and the development team.

The result was a seamlessly integrated solution that met all the client’s needs. We delivered a cloud-enabled web-based product, utilizing a .Net Core back end, an Angular front end, and leveraging Azure technologies.

This choice of technology stack not only ensured robustness and scalability but also enabled real-time functionality, allowing the estimating calculator to provide rapid and accurate cost estimates and bill of materials.

The Impact

By delivering the product according to plan, we not only met the client’s immediate needs but also set the stage for transformative change. We mentored their staff, equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to leverage the technologies and approaches we introduced.

This not only enhanced their in-house capabilities but also paved the way for other products and systems to benefit from streamlined processes and the rapid delivery of value.

Additionally, we implemented automated testing and a continuous delivery mechanism (CI/CD), significantly improving the efficiency of their development and deployment processes.
Upon the launch of the new application, the benefits were immediate:

Improved efficiency
Automated testing allowed for significant efficiency improvements in dev and deployment process.
Increased market share
The digital solution allowed the client to successfully promote their new product line and increase market share.
Empowered staff
We mentored the staff on how to use this application, and how to leverage the technology around them.

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