Data Analytics

Transforming reinsurance analytics with exposure reporting


Data analytics

The reinsurance industry is a data-intensive sector heavily dependent on technology for streamlining and optimizing various aspects of reinsurance operations, including risk assessment and portfolio management.

Our previous case study explored how a reinsurance company created a risk evaluation system (ARMER) that was designed to store and transform data and implement complex financial models, enabling additional resolution and perspective for risk assessment.

The success of this solution led directly to a new opportunity as new challenges emerged.


Develop a reporting application that reduced manual post-processing work and increases efficiency.


A specialized reporting application that streamlined data processing and analysis, and provided a variety of customizable options.


The impact on team efficiency was tremendous, as the application allowed employees to work on other high-value tasks.

The Challenge

Our client recognized the need for an efficient reporting application that leveraged ARMER’s data to drive analytics for reinsurance submissions.

The existing process was time-consuming, requiring manual post-processing, which heavily impacted employee efficiency and backlogged their output.

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The Solution

We worked closely with the client on the development of a specialized reporting application they designed that streamlined data processing and analysis. This application provided a variety of customizable options for pulling in data and generating reports.

It enabled our client to profile data based on different categorizations, from data completeness to occupancy risks.

The Impact

The application’s impact on team efficiency was tremendous, essentially eliminating any need for manual post-processing labor, allowing employees to work on high-value tasks.

Upon the launch of the new application, the benefits were immediate:

Eliminated manual labor
The new system removed the need for manual post-processing work.
Significant efficiency increase
The time needed to generate crucial underwriter information decreased from hours to minutes.
Reduced learning curve
The application's ease of use minimized the learning curve for staff, enhancing employee productivity.

The collaboration between our teams exemplifies the power of strategic IT solutions in transforming businesses. Through projects like ARMER and Exposure Reporting, our client showcased their abilities through catastrophe analysis, data science, hazard research and high-level architecture, while the Green Leaf team showcased our ability to understand complex challenges and actualize them through technical implementation. This partnership demonstrates how technical expertise, combined with seamless integration and a commitment to excellence, can create a big impact on an organization’s bottom line to drive innovation and success.


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