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Creating an architectural framework and building sustainability in energy


Technical strategy & consultation

The dynamic energy and utilities industry is characterized by its extensive operational scale and complex infrastructure. This industry finds itself at a pivotal juncture where data analytics can drive significant advancements in efficiency and innovation. 

We were approached by an energy company who was looking for an objective perspective from a trusted, external partner to analyze and enhance its data analytics framework.


Assess the current analytics architecture that had experienced sustainability issues and fallen short of expectations to lay the foundation for a more efficient framework.


After completing a thorough review of the existing architecture, we developed a quality assurance environment that significantly improved the ability to test solutions.


Our review and recommendations gave the client confidence in taking the necessary direction. We provided a framework for automation deployment for testing incremental releases, giving them a path to move forward.

The Challenge

The client faced a multi-faceted challenge. Previous external development projects had not only fallen short of expectations but also suffered from sustainability issues. This was compounded by unclear project delivery timelines, adding to the organizational strain. 

A significant gap was identified in their internal capabilities, particularly in verifying and maintaining critical aspects such as data reporting, data lake architecture, and data pipeline jobs for efficient data movement. 

These hurdles were impeding their ability to harness data effectively, calling for a comprehensive and adept solution. 


The Solution

Our approach was methodical and collaborative and leveraged our experience in all of the underlying technologies: Azure Data Lake Store, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory and Power BI.

Initially, we conducted a thorough review of the technology embedded in their data architecture, applying best practices and evaluating usage to identify improvement areas. We worked closely with the client’s internal team, aiding them in assessing the maintainability of their systems. 

A key step was the creation of a quality assurance (QA) environment, which enabled us to test solutions effectively. This process culminated in the production of an in-depth assessment and recommendation document, tailored to address the client’s unique challenges and optimize their data management practices.

The Impact

By meticulously reviewing the client’s code against industry best practices, we instilled confidence in the quality of work being performed. Our involvement provided valuable insights and suggestions for enhancements, ensuring a higher standard of data handling and analysis. 

Perhaps most important, we laid the groundwork for an automated deployment framework. This framework was pivotal in facilitating testing for incremental releases, thereby streamlining workflows and significantly boosting operational efficiency. 

Upon the launch of the new architecture, the benefits were immediate:  

Gained a new level of confidence
After seeing their infrastructure struggle to meet expectations, our analysis showcased areas of improvement which instilled confidence in the new direction.
Improved sustainability
Working closely with their internal team to assess and implement best practices, we helped create a better environment for sustaining performance.
Provided a framework for future success
With the new framework, documentation and shared knowledge, the client gained an increase in overall workflow efficiency.

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