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Accelerating decision-making and improving data accessibility in biopharma


Data analytics

The biopharma/life sciences industry is characterized by the constant generation of critical data and the need for timely, accurate insights to drive informed decision-making.

We were approached by a biopharma services company who was looking to deploy white-label reporting & analytics and eliminate manually-controlled tasks to increase processes and efficiency.


Develop an application that reduced manually-controlled tasks and presented reporting & analytics more effectively through a white-label portal​.


Developed a web-based portal with Power BI reports embedded in a secure management system​, with added features to help our client scale as new reports & analytics were delivered.​


Team efficiency saw a huge improvement. Legacy reports previously delivered via PDF were now being consumed in an interactive, real-time, digital experience​, and data was now being monetized at varying levels through a branded portal​.

The Challenge

Our client’s valuable data was being manually controlled, formatted, and presented, which not only consumed time and resources but also introduced the risk of errors and inefficiencies. Recognizing the need to enhance their reporting and analytics capabilities, the client desired a white-label portal where these insights could be presented effectively.

Additionally, their existing Power BI portal required a significant upgrade to accommodate a method for retrieving and storing reports, as well as a mechanism for nightly processing.

biopharma services company deploys white-label reporting and analytics​

The Solution

To address the manual control and presentation of valuable data, we developed a cutting-edge web-based portal. This portal not only embedded Power BI reports but also integrated them into a secure management system, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

To facilitate scalability as new reports and analytics were delivered, we added essential features, enabling our client to adapt effortlessly to evolving data needs.

Furthermore, we designed an administration utility, providing the client with the autonomy to customize branding and data access levels, thereby tailoring the portal to their specific requirements.

The Impact

With our tailored data solutions in place, our client gained the ability to monetize their valuable data at varying levels through a branded portal. This not only enhanced their revenue streams but also strengthened their market position by offering their clients a customized and data-rich experience.

The transition from legacy reports, previously delivered via PDF, to interactive, real-time, digital experiences has not only accelerated decision-making but also improved overall data accessibility and usability.

Furthermore, the added features meticulously comply with CFR Part 11 audit requirements, ensuring data integrity and regulatory compliance.
Upon the launch of the new application, the benefits were immediate:

Monetized data
Provides ability to monetize data at varying levels through a branded portal​
Reporting delivered in real-time
Legacy reports previously delivered via PDF are now consumed in an interactive, real-time, digital experience​
Improved audit features
Added features comply with CFR Part 11 audit requirements

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