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Building a future-ready data architecture: A global manufacturing perspective


Technical strategy & consultation

In the vast and ever-evolving global manufacturing industry, leveraging data solutions stands as a pivotal force driving innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness.

We were approached by a global manufacturer whose complex analytics architecture proved difficult to navigate.


The client was faced with a lack of insight into data due to multiple systems, a fragmented architecture, and no unified repository for data analytics.


Green Leaf led a structured review of the people, processes and technology related to data, and produced an assessment & recommendation document.


Our work provided the client with a clear understanding of its current state of data analytics and defined an achievable future state for data in the enterprise.

The Challenge

At the center of our client’s challenge was a lack of insight into critical data, primarily due to a fragmented data architecture, the existence of multiple systems without a unified repository for analytics, and no single version of truth across the enterprise.

This, combined with the absence of standardized automation processes and business rules management, led to inconsistent data quality.

The fragmented data landscape not only hindered operational efficiency but also impaired the organization’s ability to make informed strategic decisions, a crucial competitive setback in the fast-paced manufacturing sector.


The Solution

To address these multifaceted challenges, Green Leaf initiated a comprehensive review, dissecting the intricacies of people, processes, and technology that underpin the client’s data analytics framework.

Through a series of in-depth interviews spanning functional business areas, our team engaged with key stakeholders to gain a holistic understanding of the existing landscape. This collaborative effort culminated in the creation of an insightful assessment and recommendation document.

Our approach was methodical, ensuring that every facet of the organization’s data analytics capabilities was scrutinized to identify opportunities for enhancement and integration.

The Impact

The intervention by Green Leaf marked a turning point, providing the client with improved comprehension of their current data analytics state and paving the way for a strategic overhaul of their data architecture and toolsets.

The recommendations not only outlined a clear roadmap toward a unified and efficient data analytics environment but also an achievable future state for data within the enterprise.

This strategic guidance was instrumental in enabling the client to realign its data management practices, significantly enhancing data quality, accessibility, and ultimately, the decision-making process.

Gained a profound understanding
After seeing their fragmented infrastructure struggle to meet expectations, our analysis showcased areas of improvement which gave the client deeper insight into their data situation.
Improved decision-making process
Through the analysis report and recommendations, the client was able to make more informed decisions to align their future endeavors with their corporate vision.
Provided a framework for future success
With the new framework, documentation and shared knowledge, the client gained a roadmap for future success.

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