Independent Partners

We know that one of the keys to success in this business is providing the best and most talented resources to our clients. Some of the most experienced and seasoned resources out there are independent professionals like you. We see things differently about how we partner with our independent consultants. Rather than treat them as potential competitors, we treat them as valued channel partners. With transparency, fairness and cooperation, our independent partners can maximize their income while consulting for Green Leaf. If you unearth new opportunities for us, you will be compensated. We can also help you with some of your administrative needs, like general accounting support, human resources, contract review to name a few, allowing you more time to focus on your craft. In addition, we will provide access to highly skilled health benefit consultants to assist you in navigating your health benefit and retirement savings needs, free of charge.

It is our belief that if you partner with us, we, as a team will be able to satisfy more clients together. Combined with our low overhead model, together we can capture more market share. There is power in numbers.

If you want to be treated like a partner, share in a common culture and feel like you are part of something bigger while remaining your own entity, then you should contact us.

If you would like to learn more about our unique model, contact us at